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MMB Moveable Shelving

Vidir’s Industrial Mobile Shelving is another Vidir innovation to increase your storage density and your bottom line. By utilizing mobile shelving technology you can nearly double your storage capacity while maintaining the same footprint. Moveable shelving eliminates the need for multiple aisles to access your products, you simply open and close aisles as needed, when needed.

Utilizing Vidir’s MMB’s will also save you money. With our moveable bases there is no need to replace, reorganize, or restructure your shelving, you just simply add more. In addition, the MMB installation process is quick and minimally invasive making it an ideal storage solution that easily adapts to most building configurations.

In addition, safety is always a top priority for any organization and Vidir takes that very seriously. All our moveable bases come equipped with standard photoelectric sensors that pick up any interference on the ground level, immediately cutting power to the unit and allowing the operator to calmly remove the offending object before safely resuming operation.

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